Photoblog: Charity

[lang_fr]Photoblog : Aumône[/lang_fr][lang_en]Photoblog: Charity[/lang_en][lang_ja]写真:托鉢[/lang_ja]

Picture taken on October 12th 2002.I’m quite astonished by these monks asking for charity because they are staying at their spot without moving (like the Guards in Buckingham Palace) for hours1. Anyway, when I took a picture of him on the sly, he immediately noticed it: motionless but not blind!

  1. well at least for the 5 minutes I was looking at him [back]

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Ce sont toujours nos bons sentiments qui nous font faire de vilaines choses.
Extrait d' Ardèle ou la marguerite
Jean Anouilh

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